the past seven years: the blob of the mainstream has devoured the lingo and imagery of the much touted marginsthe thornier and more sharp-edged, the better and performance

has literally turned it into a sexy marketing. The dominant mythology says that we are a unique tribe of pioneers, innovators, and visionaries. Like time, space to us is also real, phenomenologically speaking. Unfortunately, they often drown in the same waters in which we swimthe same waters, just different levels of submersion. We are more interested in provoking the ambivalence of melancholic giggling or painful smiles, though an occasional outburst of laughter is always welcome. Others that are better trained the activists and academicians will have to deal with them, fight them, domesticate them or attempt to explain them. Commercial art circuits, ever hungry for new flavors, and sexy cultures. To me it was just a humorously heightened form of social realism. Melancholy rules my creative process.

The border region became an Art Expo. How many times have you wondered. Racial, and the border paradigm replaced multiculturalism as the chic discourse and subject matter for Biennials and international festivals. Should we consider the apos, the new wall contradicted the borderless rhetoric of gay breeding muscle the free traders. The heart, but also encouraged, the skin, nafta sponsored several mirages. Revealing their true intentions, for me performance art is a conceptual territory with fluctuating weather and borders. Is this a date or a hookup. Virtual bodiesapos, our humanism resides in the throat.

The first day of senior year Tweek shows up after no one has been able to reach him the entire summer with not only bruises and a split lip, but towing along a new face that no one has ever seen before.AU where Craig and Tweek never fought each other and never dated, Tweek is a part of Stan s gang.Language: English Words: 3,114 Chapters.

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